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Within the first term there is already a sense of brother/sisterhood developing almost like we are becoming a family which is an added bonus! All in all I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone as there is nothing like it available in the community and the knowledge of the Arabic language will benefit us all In Sha Allah.

_Sazidur Rahman,

Dhanmondi, Dhaka
May Allah reward Al-Bayaan Institute immensely for this magnificent course that you by tawfiq of Allah have been able to organise. The high quality of delivery of such an insightful and rich course, I cannot thank Allah enough nor can I thank the organisers enough. Your efforts are clearly seen. I pray Allah accepts them in the mizan al hasanat. In 12 weeks the benefit I have experienced is life changing. Min fadlillah.

_Zafeer Mahmud,

Mohammadpur, Dhaka
It is a great honour and privilege to be taught by a scholar of such great knowledge and humility. I am finding the course immensely rewarding in so many ways. Furthermore, the organisers are extremely professional and have provided a very structured and high quality course, both with the online facilities and on location venue.

_Ibn Aiyub,

Kalabagan, Dhaka