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Two (2) classes will be held on campus and One (1) class will be conducted online, the reording for which will be available until the following week's online class.
The notes for missed on-campus classes may be recovered when the learner attends the next class. And the online class may be recovered by accessing the recording that will be available until following week.
•Payment can be made in cash at the Accounts Office, Main Campus or via EFT Bank Transfer, bKash and online payment (Debit/CreditnCards)
•Payment must be completed at the beginning of each year.
Payment can be made in two equal installments due within the first eight weeks at the beginning of the year's programme.
No. The online access is a priviliege for enrolled and paying students. It cannot be shared with others.
Students will be assessed at the end of each course in a combination of written and verbal examinations that include testing of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills developed during the course of study.
You will receive a Certificate of Completion and/or a Certificate of Graduation as appropriate, at the end of the programme.
The medium of instruction will be primarily English with support of Bangla for novice learners.
This Arabic language programme sets a strong foundation to learning and understanding the Qur'an for those who aspire to seek knowledge and enrichen their lives with the study of Islam. It also paves the way for further learning by enrolling in Degree programmes or studying the works of various scholars.
You should be able to recognise, read and write Arabic, being able to read and write.
No. You may only enroll for the entire Diploma programme.
Once enrolled in the programme, payment is due in full. No part of the payment is refundable

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