General Code of Conduct

  • Learners between the ages of 12 to 18 only may enrol or register for the Youth Programmes at Al-Bayaan.
  • Learners over the age of 18 may enrol or register for Diploma and Adult Programmes at Al-Bayaan.
  • Learners’ enrolment is confirmed on submitting Registration Form, documents and payment receipt.
  • Learners must carry issued IDs at all times.
  • Replacement IDs may be requested at cost, in case of loss or damage.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off or silent during class.
  • All fees are non-refundable.
  • The course fee is not inclusive of any textbooks or study supplies, including stationery.
  • Learners must report timely to all their classes.
  • Once booked, schedules are fixed, and classes will not be cancelled.
  •  In unavoidable circumstances, any postponed classes will be rescheduled by Al-Bayaan, with notice.
  • Learners must dress appropriately and respectfully, keeping Islamic Sharia in mind.
  • Learners will be responsible for any personal possessions of value they carry on institute premises.
  • Any personal business or entrepreneurial activities must not be carried out on institute premises.
  • Learners must be respectful of all employees and all guidelines in effect at Al-Bayaan Institute.
  • Learners may seek appointments with the Managing Committee through the support of Admin Office in case of any arbitrary issues regarding services received or academic progress, arising during the course
    of their study.