The course consists of four key components as follows:

Arabic Language

  • As in any language, this component will focus on the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in Arabic.
  • These skills develop through literary and non-literary topical comprehensions and prose,
    including grammar, syntax in relation to structural development of a sentence, its meaning,
    inflection and intentional expression of thought.


  • Learners will study hadiths of various types including hadiths that are concerned with legal rulings, worship, moral virtues, events in the life of the Prophet and his companions, explanations of the Qur’an, etc.
  • Studying the hadiths, which explain the fundamentals of Iman and Islam and how they help Muslims to develop piety, humility and good manners, will also be a part pf this component.


  • This component will encompass the learning and understanding of the various fiqh such as, prayer, fasting, zakah, hajj, etc.
  • Learners will also study compendium laws of Islam, including family law, contract law, the
    lawful and the unlawful.

Islamic Studies

  • Learners will become familiar with the history of Islam and Islamic society along with learning about the deeds and lives of our Prophets, peace be upon them all.

This is a two-year course offered in Arabic Language mastery. The following modules will be taught across the programme.


  • ABQA 101 – حوَّلن) Nahu I) Arabic Grammar
  • ABQA 102 – الحوار) Hewar I) Art of Speaking
  • ABQA 103 – القرآن) Quran I) Darsul Qur’an
  • AABQA 104 – Manners of Seeking Knowledge